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Nong Natt Kesarin
      Welcome to the newest and greatest fansite of Thai bombshell Natt Kesarin. Natt Chanapa is a Thai softcore model with a body that could only have been gotten by making a deal with the devil. Such a tiny little waist and such large and shapely breasts are a rare combination, a rare combination Nong Natt is blessed with, or damned by depending on your outlook. It was her body that brought her to popularity, and infamy in her native Thailand.

Starring in many underground Thai softcore photshoots and prominantly featured on English websites as 'the little Thai girl with the guns' Nong Natt quickly grew in fame across the globe via the world wide web. She blew up on the Thai stage when her starring role in a Japanese produced amateur porn movie became known to Thai men throughout
Siam. This movie was to become known as the Pattaya Hotel video, cleverly named after the bedroom location in which it was shot. When it found its way into Thai hands its spread exploded across the country in cheap vcd format hocked by street vendors to blurry 30 second file sharing clips to high quality screencaps on a few good websites.

The full length video in its best restored quality was more sought after then Ayutthayan gold. Many websites popped up purporting to have the video but most were dead ends. The most popular of those sites was Nong Natt Chanapa and unlike the others it did offer, and still does, the most extensive amount of information on Natt Kesarins's porn resume. As he doesn't seem to update his site anymore I thought I would create this new shrine to Nong Natt and list an even more detailed list of her 'acting' credentials.
Kesarin Chaichalermpol ?
      So who or what is a Kesarin Chaichalermpol? Well, Natt Chanapa and Kesarin Chaichalermpol are one the same, Kesarin being her family name and Chaichalermpol her birth name. Many performers use stage names, from Hollywood actors to wrestlers and of course to porn stars. If you're trying to sell yourself to an audience you want a name that is catchy, you want it to roll off the tongue and be as easy to remember as possible. For us English speakers the name Kesarin Chaichalermpol can be pronounced 30 ways and thats not any good for marketing. So the name Natt Chanapa was born. Along with a few variations including Nong Natt, Nong Nat, Nat Kesarin, Natt Nong, Nat Chanapa etc. Many of them uncorrected mispellings popularized by internet chat boards and fan sites like this one. Natt Chanapa is her most commonly accepted stage name followed closely by Nong Nat. A few Chinese web publications had her listed under the name of Tam Su Cheu, Lo Ue Fang (HK Nude) and Isabella Wong.
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Nong Natt @ AsiaNude4You
      A while back I had signed up for this hot looking site called AsiaNude4u. I had seen galleries posted on TGP's like Sweet Temptasians and Uncle Wang's a few times but never got around to actually signing up for the site. Well finally I did and man was I blown away.

I thought sites like 88Square and Thai Cuties were the only great Asian sites left since the A4Y demise, boy was I wrong. This site turns out to be even better than both those sites combined! Now all the girls
natt kesarin
have Chinese names but I'm seeing a couple familiar faces I've seen from Thai sites but with different names.

One day Im surfing the site and of their hundreds of models I stumble across a very familiar looking face but with the name Isabella Wong. I click on the thumbnail and wouldn't ya know it, fresh stuff from Nong Natt. Somehow in all my porn surfing I never knew these AsianNude4You Nong Natt photo sets existed. I've never seent hem advertised and never seen any galleries of them.

So what a gem A4NU turned out to be. Definately made my $29.95 membership 100 times more worth it. Especially when I came across the lesbian photset they offered, simulated but very hot! I put some pics up on right showing the set progress. Anyways, enough gloating from me, I provided a sample gallery link below, I asked them for permission to use some pics here and thats about all they'll let me use so I hope you enjoy it.

Natt Chanapa Gallery provided courtesy of AsiaNude4u
natt kesarin natt kesarin natt kesarin
natt kesarin
natt kesarin
natt kesarin
Natt Kesarin @ 88Square
      88Square was the first site to release the full length Pattaya Hotel porn video in the remastered version. Before 88square put it out it was almost impossible to get a good quality copy of the Nong Natt porn video. When they did this author signed up right away and that was the first time I had a look inside the site. This was shortly before A4Y shut its doors and being an A4Y junkie it was good to know there was a great second choice for my love affair with Thai women. I found 88Square had 6 exclusive photosets of Nong Natt Kesarin and they were, and still are, 6 of the best photosets of Natt Chanapa ever produced.

But they didn't stop there, along with the photosets and porn video they added the Pattaya Hotel masturbation scene with Natt making sweet love to her pussy for the camera.

And also included with an 88Square membership is Natt Kesarin's film debut as an actual actress. The movie, titled She's Ann, is about "an ordinary woman who's willing to break up with her boyfriend and go away with another man in hoping for better life. But unfortuanately everything goes wrong, and ends up in whorehouse instead." Interesting premise, especially the ending up in a whorehouse part. Unfortunately the movie doesn't come with English subtitles, but I doubt anyone would be watching it for the plot anyways.

Thanks to 88Square for letting me use these images on my site. You can preview the video screencaps here and you can sign up here to download it. Only $29.99 for full site access.
natt kesarin
natt kesarin
natt kesarin
natt kesarin natt kesarin natt kesarin
Natt Kesarin @ iThaiseX
      I'll bet you never heard of this site before, I never did, but then a buddy showed me he found a bunch of Natt Kesarin exclusive stuff I had never seen before. Naturally I joined up to investigate. The site was a mess, totally disorganized. They have just so much good shit, Thai beauties I had never even heard of all over the place. Lots of original stuff Ive never seen before including a tonne of scans from actual Thai porn magazines. Man, that shit blew me away. That was probbaly my favorite part of the site, skimming through all the scans. Very well produced porn for a country where its supposed to be illegal. The guys that own this site are actually from Thailand so its all done with a Thai eye and makes it even more exotic than any of the other Thai sites. I was going to say it's so disorganized its actually a lot of fun digging through it all and finding new hot chicks and videos and stuff.

natt kesarin
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nong natt
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natt chanapa
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Download It
@ iThaiSex
Which brings me back on track, I found the Natt Kesarin content my boy was talking about and it was spanktastic. They refer to her as Natty over there, I assume because they have a more intimate knowledge of her like the 88Square guys do. They offered I think 4 or 5 photosets and two videos of her, broken into clips for faster downloads. The first video is the famous and sought after Pattaya Hotel porn where Natt Chanapa gets boned by the Japanese guy. Another video is from that same shoot (I think) but a different scene of just her masturbating, pretty hot video too. But the third one Ive never seen before is one of Natt doing a striptease to music in a sexy blue dress (before she takes it off anyways) and then the 2nd part of it she oils her self up with some lotion and rubs her hands all over her mammoth ta ta's and the rest of her hot little body. If you're a Nong Natt fan this site offers some content worth taking a look at for sure, the rest of what they offer is very well worth taking a look at Have my word on it, I've been a member at the site I think 3 times now since I discovered it and will probably end up back there again when they release even more of the exclusive content they have been updating with.
Images provided courtesy of iThaiseX
Full access for just $29.95